Are you ready to set the pace? Hit the water running because you’re confident enough to let go. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to top the podium or beat your friend at the cottage next door. Whether you want to carve a wake or cruise the lake, you need a ride that you can count on – from sun up to sun down. Weekends go by fast when you set the pace. First out of last in, you’re not just along for the ride. RUN THE WATER WITH YAMAHA!

The fastest way to take a victory lap! Whether you’re competing for bragging rights or points on the pro circuit, the 2019 Performance Race series is the superior choice for those who want to win. With a new race-inspired intake grate and ride plate, the legendary GP1800R and the incredibly agile VXR now provide increased handling during sharp turns and impressive hook-up in rough water. So enjoy the ride, and watch while everyone else tries to keep up.

The SVHO engine is the most technically-advanced motor ever designed for personal watercraft use and the most powerful engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner.

Yamaha’s potent 1.8 litre supercharged Super Vortex High Output marine engine provides pinpoint control and next-generation technologies that only Yamaha can deliver.

RiDE offers the world’s first dual-throttle handlebar control system on a personal watercraft. Use the right handle lever to accelerate, use the left to decelerate. Pull them both, or in any combination, and the system recognizes your intentions and provides precise control at all speeds all the time. Release both levers and you shift to neutral. There’s no manual shifting, no gears, no complicated process. RiDE provides a level of control, especially at slow speeds, that makes docking into tight sports effortless.

NanoXcel and NanoXcel2 technology maximizes the power-to-weight ratio by reducing the weight of their hulls and decks to enhance overall performance. By innovating at a microscopic level, Yamaha engineers use nano clay and glass micro-bubbles to create a stronger resin system using less material. The result: a more rigid and lightweight WaveRunner that is more fuel efficient, agile and fun to ride.