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2019 M8000 Alpha One:

A whole new beginning for deep snow performance. Every millimeter of the Alpha One works with you to float through the powder, ascend to breathtaking heights and take every turn with precision. Welcome to the new era of high-altitude adventure.

SINGLE-BEAM REAR SUSPENSION: As revolutionary as the original slide-rail suspension, the Alpha One’s suspension system consists of a lightweight and rigid single beam.

THE EXTRUDED ALUMINUM BEAM: Hollowed box support system with magnesium attachment points resulting in minimal parts and a lighter machine.

SINGLE PIVOT POINT: Allows the track to bend and conform to the snow – whether you’re on a side hill or flat surface, or straight up in powder.

NEW UPGRADED HANDLEBAR CONTROLS: The controls are smaller and more ergonomic, and they’re the only in the industry to feature all controls right there o the handlebar, rather than down on the dash.

NEXT-GEN POWER CLAW TRACK: Designed specifically for the Alpha One, this track features centered windows to align with the beam. Aggressive 3.0″ paddles with a 3.5″ pitch provide fantastic snow-gripping power with flexibility to maneuver almost effortlessly.

REDUCED CARRY WEIGHT: While other machines can accumulate snow equal to their rear suspension weight, the single beam’s simple design virtually eliminates snow accumulation that would otherwise weigh you down.

G2 PROCLIMB-7 SKIS: All-new skis improve balance and flotation, ease steering effort and give more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. Molded-in traction on top of the ski adds sure-footed control and usability.

2019 XF8000 High Country:

Carve the powder, or hit the trails: Whether you love the trails or like to venture out farther where there’s powder, we’ve got the XF for you.

TELESCOPING MOUNTAIN HANDLEBARS: Verticial 5.5″ riser with adjustable mountain handlebar.

ARCTIC MOUNTAIN SUSPENSION: The lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension features mountain-specific spindles and a 39.5-41.5″ stance to enable great side hilling capabilities and improved handling.

FLOAT-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: FLOAT-ACTION Rear Suspension matches its optimal travel and overall ride quality for class-leading performance in all back-country conditions.

POWER CLAW TRACK: Available in 141″ length Power Claw Track with 2.25″ lugs.

2019 ZR8000 Sno Pro:

Feel more alive with every press of the throttle: The most powerful ZR Sno Pro, with the next-gen 8000 series CTEC2 engine for a new level of clean 2-stroke engine performance.

LOWERED RIDE HEIGHT AND 1.25″ RIPSAW TRACK: The ZR Sno Pro is built to explore, and turn every trail into a thrill ride.

ARS II FRONT SUSPENSION: Designed to deliver the increased cornering bite and ground clearance you need for confidence-inspiring handling.

137″ SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: Get the most out of a coupled suspension with a unique, industry-exclusive design that keeps the front arm engaged while the rear arm compresses.

5.5″ RACE-HEIGHT WINDSHIELD: A lower-profile, race-ready windshield gives you a new level of visibility.

PUSH-BUTTON ELECTRIC START: Get the convenience and ease of electric start with a handlebar-mounted button.

ADJUSTABLE 42-43″ SKI STANCE: Easily adjust your ski stance from 42-43 inches wide.

2019 XF8000 Cross Country:

Rip the trail, or blaze on your own: Whether you love the trails or like to venture out farther where there’s powder, we’ve got an XF just for you.

SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension delivers outstanding traction in loose snow while still offering great bite and longevity on hard-packed trails.

ARCTIC RACE SUSPENSION (ARS) FRONT SHOCKS: Up front, the swaybar-equipped ARS suspension features a 42-43″ adjustable stance and ProCross-6 skis for maximum cornering capability.

ADJUSTABLE MOUNTAIN HANDLEBARS: 5.5″ riser with adjustable mountain handlebar.

BACKCOUNTRY X TRACK: 137″ track with 1.75″ cupped lugs wrapped around the SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension.

2019 M8000 Sno Pro:

Ascender Platform: The new standard for attacking the mountains.

MOUNTAIN DRIVE SYSTEM: To get you up and stay up on the snow, the Ascender Platform works in harmony with the Mountain Drive System with a flatter approach angle.

POWER CLAW TRACK: The Power Claw’s unique lug type and pattern allow it to flex in hard pack conditions.

VERTICAL STEERING POST: A flat turning radius provides supreme leverage, so you can drive with ease from a seated or standing position.

MOUNTAIN QUICK-RELEASE BODY PANELS: With 10% narrower body styling, these one-piece body panels radically improve slide hilling and venting. The two quick-release tabs provide easy access to the engine compartment for general maintenance.

FLOAT-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: The skid frame incorporates lightweight aluminum axles and shock bushings. Rail braces and caps boost strength and rigidity in all conditions.

NARROW FRAME: The lightweight Ascender Platform, now on all Arctic Cat M machines, features running boards that are 1″ narrower on each side, plus narrower foot wells. This lets you carve through trees and maneuver your sled with ease.

2019 Bearcat 7000 XT:

Classic workhorse with the muscle and capabilities to get any job done.

ARCTIC RACE SUSPENSION: Combines tall ski spindles and widely spaced A-arms for the greatest torsional rigidity and strength. The lower A-arms mount to the chassis at an angle from the chassis centreline, with optimal caster/camber angles to improve comfort and cornering traction while reducing bump steer.

BEAR CLAW TRACK: Outstanding traction, flotation and stability in a full range of riding conditions.

WIDE RANGE 3 SPEED (WR3) TRANSMISSION: Wide range 3 speed with easy shift and a 135 HP to handle heavy payloads, made easy by the large rear rack and heavy-duty rear bumper with a pivot hitch.

2020 Riot 8000 X:

Consider the crossover game forever changed: The riot carves both the backcountry and zips trails with unbridled aggression. Blended with the righteous DNA of the legendary Mountain Cat and ZR models, every Riot machine is built to put on the miles, across the lakes and trails, through the trees and over powder. All hail the rule-anything attitude of the Riot.

CROSSACTION REAR SUSPENSION: New for 2020, CROSS-ACTION Rear Suspension blends the increased weight transfer of an uncoupled rear arm with the optimal cornering and bump absorption of a SLIDE-ACTION front arm. The result is a playful ride quality, for great performance in all snow conditions.

G2 PROCLIMB-7 SKIS: Helps riders get on top of the snow and float in deeper powder, while remaining stable and consistent in varying snow conditions.

VERTICAL STEERING POST: Provides a more natural handlebar turning arc for the standing rider counter-steering on steep sidehills.

ARCTIC MOUNTAIN FRONT SUSPENSION: AMS features mountain-specific geometry for improved off-trail cornering and more predictable counter-steering. Plus, lightweight FOX ZERO QS3 ski shocks and front arm shock on the Riot X keep you out there all day.

FORGED-ALUMINUM SPINDLES: Less surface area than the previous design, reducing drag and improving performance in deep snow.

PEAK 2.25″ TRACK: 2.25″ angular lugs perform across a wide range of snow conditions, providing extra traction and outstanding flotation.

2020 Riot 8000:

Introducing the ULTIMATE 50/50 crossover.

LAYDOWN STEERING POST: Delivers a handlebar turning arc that’s natural for trail riding while still agile for the standing rider counter-steering in deep snow.

CROSS-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION: New for 2020, CROSS-ACTION Rear Suspension blends the increased weight transfer of an uncoupled rear arm with the optimal cornering and bump adsorption of a SLIDE-ACTION front arm. The result is a playful ride quality, for great performance in all snow conditions.

COBRA 1.6″: Designed for comfort as well as superior traction and control across a wide variety of snow conditions including soft, loose and unpacked snow surfaces.

ARS II FRONT SUSPENSION: New for 2020, the Arctic Race Suspension II – developed on the racetrack – delivers improved handling, with increased cornering bite and ground clearance. All-new forged aluminum spindles are taller from the ski to the lower A-arm, and new lightweight upper A-arms are more rigid, with revised geometry that delivers a new-roll centre and adjustable chamber.

G2 PROCLIMB-7 SKIS: Shaped for stability, tight cornering, superior flotation and consistent performance in varying snow conditions.