A fun first ride for young snowmobilers – ZR® 120’s compact frame packs enough power and excitement to make your young rider’s first experience unforgettable.

Safety Flag & Tether Switch:

  • A bright orange flag keeps young riders highly visible, while a tethered kill switch shuts the vehicle off when disconnected.

A-Arm Front Suspension:

  • Just like on the full sized snowmobiles, this reinforced suspension design helps young riders tame the trail.

Slide-Rail Rear Suspension:

  • This responsive rear suspension handles any bump in the road to keep the ride stable, smooth and safe.

123cc 4-Stroke Engine:

  • This fan-cooled 4-stroke engine starts easy and rides all day, and it’s governed to 8 mph to keep it safe but still packed full of all-day fun for your young rider.

Comfort Grips with Hand-Warmers:

  • Ride all day, even when the wind chill dips down.

In-Seat Storage:

  • Pack it in – The ZR120 features in-seat storage in the rear so you can stay out until sunset.

Halogen Headlight:

  • With low and high beams, you can light up any ride at the flick of a switch.

29.5″-31.5″ Adjustable Ski Stance:

  • A 29.5″-31.5″ adjustable ski stance and deep-keel plastic skis lets you take your first corners confidently.

COBRA Track:

  • Cupped lugs gives you better handling and control on soft terrain, 1.0 inch paddles and traction teeth deliver all the grip you need.



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