Founded in 1989, CFMOTO designs and manufactures innovative Power Sport Vehicles.

CFMOTO is a world leader in liquid-cooled engine production for quads and motorcycles. Distributed in over 70 countries, CFMOTO has an annual production capacity of 800,000 engines and 600,000 vehicles.

At CFMOTO their mission is to be UNBEATABLE with three core values:

USER VALUE: CFMOTO is your ideal partner for enjoying life and exploring the outdoors. Their vehicles have the highest built-in user value achieved from decades of experience in the power sports industry.

TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DRIVEN: CFMOTO is truly a world-wide leader and a powerhouse manufacturer. The R&D team consists of 200 employees across five countries and the company holds over 110 registered patent and independent intellectual rights.

QUALITY FOCUSED: Technology and quality are the heart and soul of the business. CFMOTO’s outstanding and trustworthy vehicles are a result of their progressive CFMOTO Quality Management System.

Welcome to performance, fun, style, safety and value plus with the new 2019 ZFORCE Line Up – it says it all!

ZFORCE 500 HO: Sport, work & play!

ZFORCE 800 TRAIL: Power that fits in the back of your pickup truck!

ZFORCE 800 EX: Full size action!

At CFMOTO they give you more – their products are equipped with the best standard features of any ATV or SidexSide.

CFMOTO has advanced off road safety features that come standard on their machines such as: turn flashers, brake lights, hazards and a horn. Plus, 4-point safety belts, lateral mirrors, handbrake and more on select models.

Performance and comfort standard features include the Canadian built CV-TECH IBC transmission on all off road vehicles. Adjustable gas shocks and more included on select models.

Accessories: Aluminium rims and a powerful winch included on off road models. Plus stainless bumpers, stainless muffler, extended fenders and more on included on select models.